Sunday, January 18, 2009

The A-I-D-A Method Of Communication

In sales and marketing communication you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your prospective customer either on the phone or in a letter. The headline/introduction should therefore be short, catchy and focus on why the client should bother to read/listen any further. Always remember to ask the customer for action in the end. Here is the proper sequence; Grab ATTENTION! Ignite INTEREST! Evoke DESIRE! Call to ACTION!

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Urban Gavelin a native Swede with more than twenty five years of business experience. He has held positions as director of sales- marketing- and business development on Nordic, European and World Wide levels. Urban has lived and worked in Stockholm, London and New York, now works primarily with leadership development and sales training and is a credentialed coach. He has studied Executive Management at Lausanne Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

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