Saturday, October 18, 2008

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

So many times our own thinking holds us back. I am sure you have heard the story about the little elephant that was tied to a rope and eventually stopped trying to break free. When the elephant grew older and stronger it could easily have broken the rope but the elephant had given up. Behaviors of learned helplessness, like this, are all in our mind. What limiting beliefs do you live by? What are the money myths, idea idioms or time thoughts holding you back, that you would like to challenge today?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Power of Expectation

The Rosenthal effect (expectation influences the result) is apparent in persuasion and sales situations and not only in teacher-student relationships. Somehow the outcome you expect from an encounter transfers into the dialogue and the relationship. This seems to happen mysteriously but when we consider the fact that 93% of our communication is based on non-verbal clues, such as tone of voice and body language it is not difficult to understand. Develop your confidence and expectation levels and you will see a tremendous difference.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Enemy To Best

It is normally not that hard to make a decision between what is good and bad. The real trick when it comes to success is to choose between what is very good and what is better. Good is the worst enemy to best. Unless you have a clear vision and a strong focus to guide you by it is so easy to settle for second best. When you don't know where you are going all roads lead there. With a clear destination in your mind, you will be able to always take the right turn.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In a negotiation or sales situation instead of simply answering a question with yes, turn the question around, isolate the issue and let the other party say "yes". For example; question: "Is this item available in green?" answer: "If I can find it in green for you, will you consider a purchase/place an order/buy?" Don't give away the opportunity to "yes". Use the if... then logic to create a question in response to get the other party to say "yes". "Do you have these chairs in stock?" "Is this the chair you are interested in?" "Yes!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Help People Remember

When you are presenting something in order to influence or persuade here are some tips for helping people to remember your arguments better. People remember what is being said first and last and tend to forget more of what was said in between. This has to do with concentration and attention span. Say your main points and use your strongest arguments in the beginning and in the end. Link the information to what the other person already knows. Present your information in an unusual way and people will easily remember. Be enthusiastic and repeat your main points through summaries. This way you help your audience to remember!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't Lose Your Temper!

The only time it may be appropriate to get angry is when you do it on purpose, to the right audience, for effect. When I was younger I allowed myself to get angry up to two times per year. Now I put much stricter requirements on myself. This can be difficult if you are temperamental and prone to get hot under your collar. Remember this; when you lose your temper you lose control. You see, you only lose temper if you are involved so don't take anything personally however annoying it might be. Should the pressure get too high simply walk out of the room before you blow a fuse but whatever you do; don't lose your temper.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things Take Your Time

I saw a commercial from a leasing company, depicting a happy old man from India owning only his shoes and walking stick, renting everything else. It was funny! The more things you have the more of your precious time they will take from you. Ownership comes at a price not only in monetary terms but also terms of time. Things have to be taken care of, stored, guarded, refurbished, painted, greased, oiled, cut, serviced, cleaned. You name it. The list goes on and on. Maybe it is time to start selling some of your stuff, gaining back some free time in the transaction.
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