Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trading Your Time

The opportunity cost of your time is huge. The (national economics) concept here is that if two men are stranded on a deserted island they are far better off collaborating even if one of the individuals is more capable than the other in all aspects. Together they simply get more done! For time traders the lesson is: delegate tasks that someone else can do 70% as well as yourself and always get involved in the highest value activity. Trade your time and you become more productive and fulfilled.

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Urban Gavelin a native Swede with more than twenty five years of business experience. He has held positions as director of sales- marketing- and business development on Nordic, European and World Wide levels. Urban has lived and worked in Stockholm, London and New York, now works primarily with leadership development and sales training and is a credentialed coach. He has studied Executive Management at Lausanne Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

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