Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Samurai Decision Making

The fear of making a bad decision stalls most decision makers at times. In many situations it is better to make any decision than no decision at all. You see, doing nothing is really a decision to maintain status quo. The samurai lived by a simple creed - no hesitation, no doubt, no surprise, no fear. Of course you need a little time to think hard before major decisions but once you make up your mind, get on with it swiftly. Make your decisions timely, wisely, and responsibly.

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Urban Gavelin a native Swede with more than twenty five years of business experience. He has held positions as director of sales- marketing- and business development on Nordic, European and World Wide levels. Urban has lived and worked in Stockholm, London and New York, now works primarily with leadership development and sales training and is a credentialed coach. He has studied Executive Management at Lausanne Business School and Stockholm School of Economics.

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